"GIVE YOUR HAMMER A HAND!"                                               “A TOOL BELT FOR YOUR DRILL”

Here are more Testimonials on the Bit Buddy:

Hello I wanted to thank u for selling the Bit Buddy.  I love it so much I bought 3 more (one extra for me and two for gifts for co workers).  -- Michael M.   From New Jersey

This was one of the best eBay purchases I have ever had. --   Bob T.   From Washington

Will tell others about bit buddy! -- Randy D.  From Texas

Excellent product, Excellent service, Excellent seller! -- Ben C.   From Texas

Exactly as described. Will buy from again! FAST SHIPPING!! -- Paul J.   From Wisconsin

Very Good Item! -- Rein R. From Estonia

Good experience ! -- Carlos H.   From Texas

Good Item, Good Seller -- Melanie G.   From Puerto Rico

Excellent! -- Rodolfo H.   From Florida

Thank You!!! -- Jason T.   From Colorado

Very Good! -- Alvaro P. From California

​Excellent ++++++++ -- Yamit P.   From Pennsylvania

Good! -- Sammy C.   From Puerto Rico

Great seller, exactly as described! super fast ship! -- John N.  From Virginia 

Designed, Tested, and Approved by Contractors

​​Contractors have told us "I Don't Have To Put Screws In My Mouth Anymore!"  They now put screws and bits on the Bit Buddy and this saves them a lot of time because they do not have to look for them because they are on the drill.  A LOCKSMITH told us he puts all the screws for the new door knob and deadbolt on the Bit Buddy so they will be right at his fingertips.  He said he does not loose screws anymore!   Contractors have also told us that one of their favorite setups is to have a drill bit for drilling pilot holes and a Phillips to drive in the screw.  (See Picture below).  

BIT BUDDY helps you get your projects done in half the time because you no longer have to search for your bits.       

Put the BIT BUDDY on your corded/cordless drill or wrist and place bits, screws, and other small metal accessories that are needed for your current project on the BIT BUDDY.  

BIT BUDDY is small and slim which makes it easy to work with.  The reason we made the BIT BUDDY is because Contractors kept saying "ALL other magnetic wristbands on the market are BIG and BULKY".

Bit Buddy works BEST with bit holders.   You can have a Phillips Bit in your bit holder and when you need a flat head bit, just remove it from the Bit Buddy and swap it out in SECONDS, instead of wasting time looking for the bit you need.  Mini Bit Holder Sets (like in the picture below), are not complete without the BIT BUDDY.  Now you can take the bits you need out of the case and put them on the BIT BUDDY and never have to search for the bit case again. After you are done with your project, put your bits back into the mini case.  Think about all the time you will save.

Bits and screws left on the Bit Buddy will eventually become magnetized.  

You can even wear the Bit Buddy on your wrist.